Apr 01, 2022

12: The Future of working with AI Explained | What You Should Know About Working With AI In 2022

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Artificial intelligence is a rapidly developing field, and in the coming years, it will have a significant impact on the global workforce. AI may always be a work in progress, but what can we expect from it in 2022?

Artificial intelligence is not just a way to automate tasks that are more easily carried out by machines. It also opens up opportunities for innovation, new forms of creativity, and intelligent collaboration. Can we think of AI as an ally? – An assistant who enhances the ways in which work gets done.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and have a leg up on your competition then now is a great time to start learning how you can best work with AI.

  • 01:13 – 05:48 What is AI?
  • 05:55 -11:56 How Will These New Advances In Technology Affect Us In The Future?
  • 12:09 – 15:30 What Will The Future Of Work In Terms of Your Environment Look Like?


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