Sep 11, 2023

78: Black Women in Tech Share Shocking Industry Secrets!

🔊 Tune in to the “Deeper Than Tech” podcast where black women in tech share the shocking industry secrets you won’t hear anywhere else!

Are you ready to uncover the truths that power the tech industry? Join host Samantha, a seasoned senior software engineer, as she navigates the untold stories of black women who are redefining the landscape of technology.

In this space, nothing is off-limits:

🚀 The unexpected hurdles black women face in tech 💡 Insightful tips for budding and seasoned professionals 💬 Candid conversations on microaggressions, handling toxic coworkers, and negotiating your worth Whether you’re a developer, a CTO, or a project manager, this podcast is your safe haven for real, raw, and riveting discussions.

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78: Black Women in Tech Share Shocking Industry Secrets!


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