Jun 02, 2022

16: How Unconscious Biases Influence Productivity in the Workplace

Our brain is constantly trying to make sense of the world around us, and it does this by using shortcuts. These shortcuts are called biases. They help us make quick decisions without having to think too hard about them. In fact, most of the time it’s just our brain trying to do its job! We all have them. But is it always harmful or helpful?

Nowadays, humans have great minds that are open to diversity and inclusion – but how does unconscious bias affect the workplace? With that in mind, a lot more questions might rise in you. Why is it a problem? Does it have to be tackled? How does it affect you and the others and so much more.

Join our Genella, Mo and Samantha as they talk about everything you need to know about Unconscious Bias and why should you care about it. 🙂

1:02 – 2:56 – What Do You Think Of Unconscious Bias?

2:57 – 4:23 Why Is Unconscious Bias A Problem?

4:25 – 6:47 Should The Workplace Be Responsible For Tackling Unconscious Bias?

6:48 – 8:22 Do You Think Tech Has A Diversity Problem?

8:23 – 10:33 Do You Think Diversity Should Start At The Top Or Bottom?

10:36 – 12:14 What Are Some Strategies That Can Help Support Diversity?

12:15 – 16:31 Do People Hire And Promote Those Who Are Most Like Themselves?

16:32 – 18:33 Why Should Companies Put So Much Energy Towards Inclusive Work Culture?


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16: How Unconscious Biases Influence Productivity in the Workplace


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