Jul 13, 2023

73: Effective Mentorship: How to Prepare for the First Meeting and Ask the Right Questions

Finding a mentor can be one of the most impactful decisions in your personal and professional life. A good mentor can provide guidance, support, and valuable insights that help you achieve your goals and reach new heights.

In our latest episode, Sidney Buckner explores different avenues for finding a mentor and offer tips on how to approach them effectively. Whether you’re seeking career advice or personal growth opportunities, our goal is to help you find a mentor who can inspire and guide you on your journey.


  • 0:00 – 0:47 Intro
  • 0:56 – 2:23 Things To Consider When Choosing a Mentor
  • 2:23 – 3:09 How Often Should You Be Communicating With A Mentor?
  • 3:09 – 6:24 How To Figure Out What You Want From A Mentor?
  • 6:24 – 8:39 Ready to Reach Out To A Mentor? Here’s How To Prepare
  • 8:39 – 11:04 Setting Goals With Your Mentor
  • 11:09 – 13:11 Additional Resources To Get Mentorship
  • 13:11 – 13:19 Closing Remarks

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73: Effective Mentorship: How to Prepare for the First Meeting and Ask the Right Questions


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