May 18, 2023

65: This One Trait Will Make or Break Your Success as a Software Engineer

Software engineering is a highly demanding profession that requires individuals to be self-sufficient and independent. From writing code to debugging, software engineers must have a strong sense of autonomy in order to work efficiently. Self-sufficiency is not only important for personal growth, but it also contributes positively towards project success and team dynamics.

In our latest episode, Sidney Buckner and Samantha Bretous explores the significance of being self-sufficient as a software engineer. They discusses what it means to be self-sufficient in this field and how it can affect an individual’s productivity and career trajectory.


  • 0:00 – 0:28 Intro
  • 0:38 – 1:42 What Is Self-Management?
  • 1:49 – 3:04 Working With Agile Two Weeks Sprints
  • 3:06 – 3:46 When Should You Set Yourself A Management Goal?
  • 4:01 – 5:09 What Are The Skills And Characteristics Of A Self-Managed Person?
  • 5:44 – 7:37 Resources To Help You Become A Self-Managed Engineer
  • 7;49 -11:05 How Often Do You Not Complete Your Goal?
  • 11:34 -15:38 How To Ask For Help When You Are Known For Being Independent?
  • 15:38 – 15:45 Closing Remarks

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65: This One Trait Will Make or Break Your Success as a Software Engineer


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