May 04, 2023

63: I Almost Failed My Coding Bootcamp But Now I’m A Developer

Coding bootcamps are excellent resources for those who want to learn the basics of programming quickly. However, understanding how to avoid failure is essential for successful completion of the program and achieving your goals.

In our latest episode, Schamir Poliard and Samantha Bretous discusses some tips on how to make sure that you don’t fail your coding bootcamp. From getting a good foundation in the basics through careful preparation and practice, to learning effective time management skills, we will discuss it all.


0:00 – 0:32 Intro 0:43 – 2:30 How To Prepare For Your First Day Of Coding Bootcamp?

2:43 – 4:33 What Is It Like Attending 100 Dev’s Coding Bootcamp?

5:11- 6:51 What Was Your Motivation For Attending A Coding Bootcamp?

7:02 – 8:11 How Do You Find Support While Going Through The Process Of Learning How To Code?

8:23 – 10:41 How To Avoid Coding Bootcamp Burnout?

11:22 – 12:23 Who Is Responsible For Your Success When Learning How To Code?

12:22 – 12:28 Closing Remarks

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63: I Almost Failed My Coding Bootcamp But Now I’m A Developer


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