Feb 02, 2023

50: Git for Beginners: Writing, Reviewing, And Approving Pull Requests

Git is an essential part of software development, and understanding how to use it can be a daunting task for beginners. For those just starting out, the process of writing code, reviewing code changes, and then approving pull requests can be particularly intimidating. However, with the right guidance, new developers can quickly become proficient in using Git to manage their projects.

In today’s Deeper Than Tech episode, our hosts Kara Carrell and Samantha Bretous will provide a comprehensive guide on the basics of using Git for writing, reviewing, and approving pull requests.


  • 0:00 – 0:39 Opening
  • 0:49 – 2:31 What Is Git?
  • 2:34 – 4:14 How To Install And Use Git On My Computer?
  • 4:14 – 7:23 Which Part Of Your Coding Journey Should You Learn Git?
  • 7:23 – 9:03 What Is A Pull Request (PR?)?
  • 9:09 – 11:37 How To Get Your Pull Request (PR) Approved And Merged Quickly?
  • 11:41 – 14:09 How To Review A Pull Request In GitHub?
  • 14:15 – 16:55 How To Write The PERFECT Pull Request?
  • 16:55 – 17:01 Closing Remarks

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50: Git for Beginners: Writing, Reviewing, And Approving Pull Requests


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