Jan 26, 2023

49: How To Know When It’s Time To Leave Tech

Technology is an integral part of our lives, making it easier to communicate and access information. However, the world of technology can become overwhelming for anyone trying to navigate it – particularly if you are in a job or career related to tech. Knowing when it’s time to leave technology and pursue something different is not always easy to determine.

In today’s Deeper Than Tech episode, our hosts Rizel Scarlett and Samantha Bretous will provide tips and insight on how to recognize when you may need a change and some strategies for transitioning away from a career in tech.


  • 0:00 – 0:38 Opening
  • 0:40 – 1:09 How To Stay In Tech When You Want To Leave?
  • 1:09 – 1:43 Reasons Why People Want To Leave Tech
  • 1:43 – 2:17 Drawbacks Of Staying In Tech
  • 2:17 – 3:19 Benefits Of Staying In Tech
  • 3:24 – 4:45 How To Stay Happy And Motivated In Tech
  • 4:52 – 7:00 People You Can Talk To When You Have No Idea What To Do Next
  • 7:06 – 9:03 Steps To Transition Out Of Tech
  • 9:03 – 10:23 Challenges When Looking For A New Job
  • 10:23 – 11:16 What Fears Did You Have When Leaving Tech?
  • 11:16 – 12:50 Reasons Why People Want To Stay In Tech
  • 12:50 – 13:04 Closing Remarks

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49: How To Know When It’s Time To Leave Tech


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