Oct 06, 2022

33: How Diversity Quotas Can Impact the Workplace

In America, diversity has become a buzzword. Whether it’s in the workplace, schools, or other institutions, the push for a more diverse population is evident. But is this push for diversity simply a numbers game? Are we just trying to fill a quota?

When it comes to diversity, there are many different opinions. Listen to how our hosts @Samantha Bretous, @Moxie Hampton & @Sidney Buckner feel about this topic.

Are we on the same page? Your thoughts matter to us!


  • 0:00 – 1:02 Intro
  • 1:02 – 3:17 Diversity Quotas In The Workplace
  • 3:17 – 7:58 How Do you deal With Discrimination In The Workplace?
  • 7:59 – 9:27 How Did You Overcome Those Racial Barriers?
  • 9:28 – 14:52 Recommendations For Those Who Are Facing Discrimination
  • 14:55 – 17:12 How Can You Contribute To Diversity In The Workplace?
  • 17:13 – 17:20 – Closing Remarks

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Guest: Sidney Buckner
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Guest: Mo Hampton
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33: How Diversity Quotas Can Impact the Workplace


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