Sep 29, 2022

32: So, You Want a Mentor? Here’s How to Find One

A mentorship is a professional relationship in which the mentor has more experience and/or knowledge than the mentee. The mentee can benefit from the mentor’s guidance in many ways, including learning new skills, gaining insights and knowledge, and developing new relationships.

But what exactly is mentorship? How do you find a mentor? And how can it benefit you?

Get your questions answered by watching our full episode with our hosts Samantha Bretous and Chanel Power.


  • 0:00 – 0:46 Intro
  • 0:46 – 2:07 What Is A Good Conference For Tech Mentorship?
  • 2:09 – 4:02 What Is Mentorship?
  • 4:18 – 6:34 Who’s Responsible for the Mentor’s Growth?
  • 6:39 – 8:09 How Do You Find A Mentor That Meets Your Needs?
  • 8:21 – 10:06 How Do You Start A Conversion With A Potential Mentor?
  • 10:10 – 12:36 How Do You Know If They’re A Good Mentor For You?
  • 12:51 – 15:04 Should You End A Relationship With Your Mentor?
  • 15:13 – 19:46 How Many Mentors Do You Currently Have And How Do They Stand Out For You?
  • 19:47 – 19:58 Closing Remarks

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32: So, You Want a Mentor? Here’s How to Find One


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