Jul 13, 2021

2: What to Expect in a Technical Interview | TECH PODCAST

In this episode we will be breaking down the problems with technical interviews. They aren’t necessarily like the job you’re interviewing for. So why do we have to do them. Make sure you stick around all the way to the end to find out the best way to snatch up your next job.

01:18 – What can a developer expect when interviewing for a job? 04:30 – Can the interview process support those without a computer science degree? 07:22 – What is white boarding? 08:31 – Can you use Google during an interview? 10:40 – Should we replace coding interviews with a code exam? 13:12 – What are some things you think the interviewer is looking for? 17:02 – What is the number one soft skill a developer needs? 18:08 – What is the best way to prepare for an interview? 19:55 – What would be your ideal interview process?

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2: What to Expect in a Technical Interview | TECH PODCAST


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