Jul 27, 2021

4: First day as a software engineer | What to expect as a CodeNewbie + NEGOTIATING

Congratulations you got the job! The interview was tough. The process was lengthy. You pushed through all the competition. The decision has been made, and the job is yours. But is now the time to relax?

Come hang out with Kedasha, Samantha and Sandi as we talk about what you need to be set up for the first day on the job and what you can expect when onboarding to a new company.

00:26 – Intro 01:47 – Do you comfortable negotiating your salary? 04:20 – How to tell if your salary is fair? 06:40 – What can you negotiate in a job offer? 09:05 – Is it okay to reach out to your future coworker to ask them about their experience? 11:50 – What is the best way to leave our current company? 12:55 – What you should know before starting a new job 14:35 – First things you should do on the first day? 17:17 – Helpful tips when onboarding to a new company 21:06 – What can companies do better to help you through onboarding? 22:35 – How do you keep organize?

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4: First day as a software engineer | What to expect as a CodeNewbie + NEGOTIATING


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